Meet Deadlines No Matter How Much Work You Have.

More Work Less Time?

  • angle-rightAre you a web development agency that has tons of clients?
  • angle-rightAre you stressing yourself out?
  • angle-rightAre you worried about meeting deadlines?

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You can easily meet deadlines without any hassles or risks. Yes, it’s possible.

I am sure you have heard about hiring remote employees. Now that’s a hassle when you have to interview and select among tons of applicants. 

Well, what if you can hire someone without going through the painful interview process? Waste no time in hiring, simply get someone who is proven to be an expert. ​​​​

You can contact CodeRex, a renounced white label agency. You tell us the task and we deliver quality service in time. We will work for your clients as if we are the same team. 


We do the work, you deliver to your clients, and you get the respect you deserve.

But hey, how can you trust us?

Guess what, first 5 hours are on the house. See our performance for 5 hours for free. If you get what you were looking for, you can hire us full time. Else you can reject us no questions asked.

Relieve some work pressure off your shoulders.

Contact Us Now And Keep Your Clients Happy.

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