Freelancer vs WordPress Agency: Exclusive View On Why Team Matters?

WordPress has gained great popularity over the years as one of the best CMS available. Anyone looking to make a new website, often get into a long debatable fact, Freelancer vs WordPress agency, which one is the better option?

This is a serious question to look at, especially when outsourcing a web development task. WordPress projects are critical and it is crucial to hire someone reliable and expert. Clients may have different needs depending on the project and hence, their sites need experts to develop.

Now, both freelancers and WordPress agencies have their own pros and cons. Hence it is wise to compare them with each other to understand which option is more suitable for you.

Let us look into the benefits and demerits of both hiring a freelancer and hiring a WordPress agency so that you can take an informed decision.

P.S.: Yes, you might think that since an agency representative is writing about “Freelancer vs WordPress agency”, this will probably highlight more on choosing an agency. But do know that I was once a freelancer myself and I will give my neutral point of views on both the options here.

Benefits Of Hiring Freelancer(s)

1. Better Communication

The biggest advantage over hiring a freelancer is direct communication. There is no third person involved. You will directly interact with the freelancer and specify all your requirements straightforward.

The freelancer can resolve any confusions directly with you right away. There is no chance of misunderstandings and you can insist on any required changes in real time.

2. Specialization

Most freelancers are usually experts in specific skill sets. If you need to develop specific features (such as logo design, or front-end coding, etc) on your website, then you can easily find freelancers that are specifically experts in working with those features only. Thus the tasks will have quality output and faster delivery.

3. More Control Over The Project

More Control Over Project

Hiring a freelancer means that you will have a better control over the project. You will directly communicate with him and guide him through the project according to your requirements. Plus, you can get real-time updates and opt for real-time changes.

You can even get into a discussion on deciding the design of your website and make a plan on the go, without having to make a plan beforehand.

Also, the freelancer is the only one responsible for the task. Therefore, he will have no excuses to miss out on instructions since they were directly discussed between the two of you. 

4. Flexible with time

Freelancers have time flexibility. Most freelancers are open to working with you on your own time. Once you hire a freelancer, he will most likely fix his schedule according to your requirements.

Most freelancers are ready to work unusual hours at times. Some are even willing to work on weekends. Hence, you won’t need to worry about time.

5. Cost Effective

Freelancers, with their workstations at home and the urge to get more work, usually expect less price for their work. Even though they are experts in their fields, they cost less.

**Do keep in mind that to develop a complete website, you will need to hire multiple freelancers. There are no freelancers that are experts in all fields of developing a complete website.

Demerits of Hiring Freelancer(s)

1. Lack Of Reliability

Perhaps the hardest thing when choosing a freelancer is finding a freelancer that is reliable to work with.

There may be cases where a freelancer may get emotionally affected due to personal life at home. He might simply be out of touch with no notice or decide to stop working halfway through the project.

Another common problem you may face is if a freelancer finds another job that pays more, he may simply quit your work.

2. Credibility Issue


When hiring freelancers, it is completely up to you on testing whether he really is the right person for the job.

There happen to be freelancers that pretend to be experts but are really just amateurs. They take projects with the intention to learn on the go and doesn’t really care whether they fail to deliver or not.

Few others, once shortlisted, offer quick deadline just to get hired more and eventually fail to meet deadlines. This may affect your plans or schedules that you set up based on the deadline.

3. Limitations

Even though specialization can be an advantage to some extent, it can also be a disadvantage in some cases.

Since most freelancers are experts in specific skill sets, they are only suitable to hire when you wish to develop certain areas of your website. But when it comes to developing a complete website, you will need to hire multiple freelancers.

4. Depending On One Person Only

Freelancers work on their own with no one else to assist them. At any point, if a complex execution of the task is required, and if the freelancer gets somewhat confused on carrying it out, he has no one else to turn to. All he can do is to try and sort it out by searching online. 

Such challenges are uncommon but many did face this deadlock. The only solution to this is to find another person to do the work, thus delaying the project and spending more money.

5. Time Management

Time Management

When developing a complete website, working with freelancers can be very time-consuming.

As mentioned earlier, to make a complete website, you will need to hire multiple freelancers. Which means you will need to manage different times to consult with different hired freelancers.

Also, since you will be explaining your ideas directly with each of them, you will also need to perform checks on each of their individual tasks at separate times.

All in all, you will be so busy dealing with the freelancers that you won’t get enough time to focus on your business or existing clients. (Although if you hire just a single freelancer, then this problem won’t prevail.)

Benefits Of Hiring A Web Development Agency

1. One Stop Solution For Your Website

A web development Agency means several individuals with different skills, all working in one team, often in the same office. You will get experts for all the necessary tasks to make your website.

Whether you wish to create a complete website or just wish to develop specific areas of the website, you can get it all in one place 

Let’s start

A new project together

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