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WordPress sites have increased significantly in recent times. More and more peoples are using WordPress as a CMS. When it comes to making a new website everyone face a long-standing debatable question, Freelancer vs WordPress agency. Which one should You pick?

This significant question is there for many years. This arises whenever you want to outsource a web development task.

WordPress projects are different from one another. So, selecting the right isn’t straightforward. Clients have different needs, and depending on the project scope and requirements there are various execution models for building the project.

So, when it comes down to this question working with freelancers and development agencies both have their pros and cons. But the decision will eventually come down to you as you know the kind of services you want from them.

In order to move you in the right direction, we will discuss some benefits and detriments of hiring freelancers or web development agencies. Yes, we know you are thinking a web development agency is writing about ‘freelancer vs WordPress agency’. But please do remember, way back some years ago this agency was a single freelancer.

Let’s look at the merits and demerits of these two.

Benefits of Freelancer


More Control over the Project

Hiring a freelancer means full control over the work. You will directly communicate with him and guide him through the work. Since freelancers will directly interact with you, there is a less chance of misunderstanding your requirements or losing some info in the communication process. Then you can dictate what should be fixed or not directly when you want.


Most of the time people chose freelancers because they are expert in a specific niche skill-set or field. Due to work project they have completed over the period, their skill-set will be wide-ranging in that particular area. This can turn handier when you need some highly specific service, i.e., logo design or interactive illustration design, etc.


Freelancers will work within your own time. That means working with a freelancer is flexible. They will build their schedule around your priorities and requirements. You don’t have to worry about the time when you work with freelancers.

And depending on the workload you have the chance to potentially consume as much of their time you like without hiring them permanently. And you can also release them once their need is fulfilled.


Freelancers will provide you service in much less than professional web agencies. They are often the least expensive option. They will be less costly because their expertise only covers one or two skills you need for the project. But keep in mind that most of the time you need to hire more than one freelancer and this can quickly run up to your budget.


Detriments of Freelancer



Lack of reliability is a vital disadvantage of freelancers. Despite hiring a dedicated freelancer, unwanted disruptions can occur. Your freelancer might get ill, time zone difference and family emergencies can create a distraction in the project.

And not everybody is a reliable person. So when you hire someone, you don’t know if he is trustworthy or not. So if something goes wrong, there is no one else besides you to fix that mess.


In general, you hire a freelancer for a specific task. However, often you have to make unexpected changes or modifications. While freelancer can do some of this changes but many of the changes need to be done by an expert in that field. That can be problematic.

An ordinary hard working freelancer acquires the only a couple of skills or slightly more. Yet, this number is significantly low. We believe some freelancers are skillful and talented enough to make a responsive website. But, how many useful skills can a single person have?

Nowadays clients want the whole package of services like design, coding, Quality assurance and much more. In most of the case, freelancer can’t provide all of this together.

No One to Help

Freelancers work alone. So when they stuck with any problem, there is no one to help them. The whole project gets delayed for this. Even the most qualified freelancer will face this challenge. In the end, you have to hire another freelancer to get out of this situation.


Time Consuming

Working with a freelancer can be time-consuming. You have to dictate your freelancer, give feedback on his work, these all need time. So you will find less time to concentrate on your business, even you will attain less opportunity to communicate with your clients.


Benefits of Web Development Agency

Variety of Talent

Agencies have a variety of talent working in their offices. So when you work with an organization, you don’t have to fear about held on in any stage. You can make changes and modifications quickly if you don’t like any particular work.

You will have a team working on your project which has a kind of talent for any situation – from front-end to integration and API work, to performance optimizer, and much more.


Quality Assurance

As professional agencies assemble a variety of experience, they deliver comprehensive, high-quality project for their clients. Companies have a workflow that can leverage each other’s strengths indeed and predict the necessary resources to complete your project.

When you check your work, the chances are high of missing more problem. But a QA specialist reviews the work in an agency so that you will get more quality assurance.


Time Management

As a team is working on the project, there is accountability among them. Each one has to report about their work. This can save a tremendous amount of time. The project manager will keep you up to date about the project. So, you can focus on your clients and business.


Team Power

The most prominent benefit of working with a professional agency is access to an entire multi-faced team. This team can accommodate all of your requirements. No one can deny that there is a team power which helps to build a quality project. If any product is delivered by one team than the final product will be more consistent and polished.


Detriments of Web Development Agency


The main disadvantage of hiring a web development agency is cost. Agencies are more expensive than freelancers. WordPress development agencies with substantial portfolio charge more as they know what they are worth.

Additionally, they hire senior developers – which is vital for the long run. That means it will be more expensive than that developer just getting started as a freelancer.

Communication Gap

Communication gap can occur if you work with WordPress development company. You have to deal with an assigned project manager, not developers. Some info can be misunderstood in the process. Then you might get a different outcome. But there is feedback process to minimize this problem.

Which One Should You Pick?

Before choosing any particular one, ask yourself these questions-

  • What is the vision or your finished project?
  • How complicated is your project?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have an internal project manager to look after the process?

With this information hand selecting one among the two would be easy. It’s hard to say irrefutably which one is best. While freelancer is the symbol of flexibility and mobility, a team will provide you reliability and high-quality assurance.

My vote would go for web development agency. Because working with a team can reduce unnecessary risks. A company will reduce your risk by diversification. Different people are doing different parts of your project, and they are best in their work.

Yet, if you need a freelancer don’t hire from anywhere. Look for freelancers in the authentic places. At Coderex, you can hire full-time WordPress developer. Which will provide you all the benefits of a freelancer, reducing the risk and disadvantages.

Let’s start

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