Top 5 Plugins to Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

It is no secret that the new GDPR standards are going to force the websites to bring a lot of changes. We live in a time where data protection and security is taken more seriously. And, the global citizens are very concerned about their online security and privacy.

After quite a few scandals, EU finally decided to do something about it and made it mandatory for the websites to play by the rules. Even if your website is not hosted from Europe, still you should make your site GDPR compliant for avoiding unnecessary issues.

Making your website GDPR compliant can be a daunting task for many different reasons.

First of all, it is tough to know how much change you should make to your website for making it compliant. Secondly, even if you know about all the necessary modifications, still you might miss out on something, as the amount of work will be quite significant. Some plugins might help you out in that regard.

These plugins are specially designed and developed to make websites GDPR compliant. Though it is not guaranteed that using these specific plugins will make your site GDPR proof, you are going to be more likely to feel more comfortable about these standards after installing them.

Delete Me GDPR Compliant Plugin

Delete Me

This is a free plugin that deals with one of the critical GDPR standards. According to GDPR, now the users of a particular website have full rights to remove all the data and information on them, which they have and have not provided. But when an individual opens an account on your website, that person does a lot of things while using your services and offers a lot of data.

When that individual is telling you to erase the data they have provided and be forgotten, it might be inconvenient for you to track that data and delete all of it. Delete Me is the plugin that is going to help you to handle things in a much easier way.

The best part is, you will not have to do it yourself. Delete Me allows the user to delete their data themselves. Starting from personal information to links, reactions to posts and even links, the users are now able to remove it all. If you are running a subscriber website, then Delete Me is a huge blessing for you.

On top of that, this plugin is free, so you will not have to pay for it, which might reduce your site revenue.

Wider Gravity Forms Stop Entries

Wider Gravity Forms Stop Entries

When GDPR list was released, the most substantial portion was about forms. It is quite understandable as well because the forms are the elements through which the users of a particular website input their data for the site to use.

Privacy policies, terms and conditions, consent and many other necessary GDPR standards are directly or indirectly related to the forms the users have to fill.

For form management, there is no better plugin than Gravity Forms. This plugin enables you to collect information from the users of your site, and then also send them to third parties like marketing agencies via email. But the thing is before you use the information of your users in such a way, you need to notify and inform them.

On top of that, if you are focusing on the third party to bring you benefits with the interview, you might not need to store the information yourself.

As GDPR discourages the website owners to store unnecessary data, Wider Gravity Forms Stop Entries can have a significant impact regarding that.

Using this plugin will enable you to prevent your WordPress site from immediately storing the data, preferably data will be directed to external systems like mailboxes. You will miss out on backups of such data. This might possess a threat when the external system gets unresponsive. Some of the other plugins on this list might help you out in that regard. This plugin is free as well.

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields is the only paid plugin on this list. This is another one related to gravity forms. Encryption of gravity forms and their entries might help you a lot to cater to those users who are concerned about their privacy and data security a lot. Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields does precisely that for your website.

When the data is being stored in your site

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