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PHP Conference Asia 2018 — CodeRex Is Silver Sponsor

PHP Conference Asia 2018 - Coderex Is Silver Sponsor

PHP Conference Asia is a great way for PHP experts to connect with each other from all over the world.

PHP has a big influence in making the open-source community a major contribution to the development of the online world today.

We are happy to inform that CodeRex is taking part as a Silver Sponsor at the PHP Conference Asia 2018, which will be held at Kent Ridge Dr, Singapore.

The conference is due to be held on 27th and 28th of September, 2018. Major figures in the PHP world will be attending as speakers in the conference, including the creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf himself.

Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP
Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP. P.C.: PHP Conference Asia

While the conference is a big influence itself, the organizers are also taking a generous step of organizing a Special Workshop in introducing PHPUnit.

This workshop is a great venture for developers to learn more about the framework. This special workshop is due to be held on 26th and 29th September 2018 at One Marina Boulevard, Singapore.

Being the core aspect of the making of WordPress, PHP is one of the best script languages out there. As part of the vast WordPress community and web development industry, CodeRex is honored to attend this conference.

Why Support PHP Conference?

CodeRex is involved with WordPress since 2012 and always thrives to contribute to the open-source community.

PHP, Heart of WordPress

According to our founder Lincoln Islam, “The heart of WordPress“, meaning PHP, has no limits. We all contribute to making it better and today it is being used to develop so many online platforms that we couldn’t imagine only a few years ago.

We believe that PHP Conference is a great way to make the open-source community even more influential through PHP and all platforms created using PHP.

Developers from several large and small businesses, with similar minds, will be able to get in touch with each other. Hopefully, they will learn more about their views and progressions. 

Our founder Lincoln Islam, attended the last PHP Conference Asia, which was held back in 2016. He was ecstatic to be part of such a great conference. 

Lincoln Islam, Founder of CodeRex, at PHP Conference Asia 2016
Lincoln Islam, Founder of CodeRex, at PHP Conference Asia 2016

Brilliant speeches from professionals in the PHP world was overwhelming. He is looking forward to this year’s conference, expecting to learn even more.

With the intention to contribute to improving and spreading PHP, we decided to attend the conference as Silver Sponsor.

We believe, PHP still has a long way to go. It is up to us, the contributors of the open-source community, to take matters into our own hands. Let us help grow the popularity of PHP amongst all.

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