Walk To WordCamp Europe – An Incredible WordPress Contribution

The recent most hyped talk of the WordPress Community, Walk To WordCamp Europe, is raising a great buzz.

Apparently, Marcel Bootsman announced that he is going to Walk To WordCamp Europe, Berlin 2019, from his hometown Berkel en Rodenrijs, Holland. Yes, he will literally walk a distance of about 736 km!!!

Last June, Marcel twitted the following:

Marcel's 1st tweet about Walk to WordCamp

That was the start, and no one really knew where this idea was going. However, as Marcel proceeded with his long foreseen plan, we all realized he is actually making a huge contribution to the WordPress community.

Who is Marcel Bootsman?

Marcel Bootsman, Owner of Nostromo

If you are active in social media regarding WordPress, you probably already know him. Marcel is the founder of Nostromo, a renounced WordPress agency.

Marcel thus far, has made tons of contributions to the WordPress community, including organizing WordCamp, arranging WordPress meet-ups, and delivering valuable speeches in several WordPress events all over the world.

Being a role model in the community, Marcel is getting immense support for his latest contribution plan, Walk to WordCamp Europe.

Why is this Walk so Important?

Over the past few months, Marcel made it clear, his true goal. His main intentions are to raise funds for DonateWC.

DonateWC is an amazing foundation  created to help valuable contributors of the WordPress community, who cannot afford to travel long distances due to a financial deficit, to be able to attend and contribute to WordCamps.

Marcel took a big step and took this amazing initiative to raise funds for DonateWC and help them to succeed with their great cause. 

According to Marcel:
“Not everybody has the financial means to go to a WordCamp or has support from their employers

Let’s start

A new project together

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