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WordPress, being a mammoth in the vast open source community, is used to build and maintain over 59% of all the websites with known CMS, which is literally over 30% of all the websites all over the world. Being under the GPL laws, WordPress is greatly welcomed today and is spreading the knowledge all over the world real quick.

Despite WordPress providing so many sources and support all over the world, there are still unethical activities being done in this community.

Apparently, the availability of Nulled WordPress Plugins is a major concern. Since WordPress is very welcoming, there are several beginners that are being tricked into using nulled WordPress plugins.

What Are Nulled Plugins in WordPress?

Nulled WordPress plugins are basically hacked or cracked versions of Premium WordPress plugins. And most of these are available for free.

What are Nulled Plugins in WordPress ?

Now, this may sound like a good deal, having not to pay a penny for the same Premium plugins that would cost quite a bit. But it is not that simple.

Rather it is foolish to ignore the drawbacks that may be faced. In fact, there are many who have suffered. Many had their important information hacked and many had their websites completely messed up.

The thing is, it is always fishy when you get free stuff, especially if its a pirated stuff. In the case of Nulled WordPress plugins, the developers distributing the nulled plugins may make alterations to the internal scripts and codings. Hence he/she can get to great lengths with you once you download these plugins.

Now, a few expert WordPress developers may have the knowledge to tackle crooked developers that distribute these nulled plugins, but for the majority, it is still a big threat

Reasons Why Nulled Plugins Should Be Avoided

1. High Security Risk

High Security Risk

Nulled Plugins are very risky. The developers distributing may or may not be favorable.
In case it is the later, then be prepared to be hacked.

These developers may add scripts and codes into these plugins which can have serious negative effect. Or, they may include a malware or spyware along with the plugin.

The biggest risk you may face is if a hacker becomes a ghost admin of your WordPress Admin Panel. Powerful hackers can include strong scripts and malware that can breach security plugins and WordPress screening system.

Once a developer has admin control over your website, he/she can do almost anything undetected.

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  1. Good blog. Very precise on what can happen. I wish nulled plugins would be called illegal by the law. It’s such a shame.

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